MonoRail hardware


2" Square Direct-End Power Feed

2" Square Power Feed Canopy Dual-Feed

2" Square Power Feed Canopy Single-Feed

2" x 4" Rectangular Direct-End Power Feed

2" x 4" Rectangular Power Feed Canopy Dual-Feed

2" x 4" Rectangular Power Feed Canopy Single-Feed

4" Round Direct-End Power Feed

4" Round Power Feed Canopy Dual-Feed

4" Round Power Feed Canopy Low-Profile Dual-Feed

4" Round Power Feed Canopy Low-Profile Single-Feed

4" Round Power Feed Canopy Single-Feed

Adjustable Standoff

Center Power Feed Dual-Feed

Center Power Feed Single-Feed

Center Power Feed With LED Transformer

Conductive Connectors

End Caps

End Power Feed

End Power Feed With LED Transformer

Flexible Connectors

Flexible Vertical Connectors

Flush Transformer-60W LED

FreeJack Connector

Isolating Connectors

Low-Profile Surface Transformer-300w EL

Low-Profile Surface Transformer-300w EL LED

Mini Kit 300w

Mini Kit 300w LED

Mini-Surface Transformer-300w EL

Mini-Surface Transformer-300w EL LED

Pass-Through Kit 300w

Pass-Through Kit 300w LED

Pass-Through Surface Transformer-300w EL

Pass-Through Surface Transformer-300w EL LED

Power Extender

Power Outside Rigger

Power Vault Adapter

Recessed Can Transformer-150W El

Remodel Recessed Transformer Low-Profile-150W Electronic

Remodel Recessed Transformer Low-Profile-300W Electronic

Remodel Recessed Transformer-150W Electronic

Remodel Recessed Transformer-300W Electronic

Remote Kit 300w

Rigid Standoff

Rigid Standoff 1"

Standoff Vault Adapter

Support Outside Rigger

Surface Kit 150w

Surface Kit 300w

Surface Transformer-100W El LED

Surface Transformer-150W Electronic

Surface Transformer-150W Mag

Surface Transformer-300W 24V Mag

Surface Transformer-300W El

Surface Transformer-300W Mag

Surface Transformer-600W 24V Mag

Surface Transformer-600W Mag

Surface Transformer-60W El LED

Surface Transformer-75W Mag

T Connector

T-Bar Connector

X Connector

Plug Option

Power Jumper

Pre-Bent 90° Curve

Pre-Bent S Curve

Recessed Remote Transformer-300W Mag 12v

Recessed Remote Transformer-300W Mag 24v

Recessed Remote Transformer-600W Mag 12v

Recessed Remote Transformer-600W Mag 24v

Remote Transformer-150W El 12v LED

Remote Transformer-150W Mag 12v

Remote Transformer-150W Mag 12v Plug-In

Remote Transformer-300W El 12v

Remote Transformer-300W El 12v LED

Remote Transformer-300W El 12v Plug-In

Remote Transformer-300W Mag 12v

Remote Transformer-300W Mag 12v Plug-In

Remote Transformer-300W Mag 24v

Remote Transformer-300W Mag 24v Plug-In

Remote Transformer-600W Mag 12v

Remote Transformer-600W Mag 12v Plug-In

Remote Transformer-600W Mag 24v

Remote Transformer-600W Mag 24v Plug-In

Remote Transformer-60W El 12v LED

Remote Transformer-75W Mag 12v

Remote Transformer-75W Mag 12v Plug-In

monorail Low-Voltage Pendants

Alina Pendant

Arcell Pendant

Ava Pendant

Avery Pendant

Bangle Pendant

Bali Pendant

Biz Pendant

Boreal Pendant

Borrego Pendant

Brulée Pendant

Buckingham Pendant

Cabo Pendant

Capsian Pendant

Casten Pendant

Cheers Pendant

Cone Pendant

Coronado Pendant

Corum Pendant

Crossroads Pendant

Cube Pendant

Dearborn Pendant

Diz Pendant

Ecran Pendant

Essex Pendant

Fab Pendant

Firebird Pendant

Fire Pendant

Firefrit Pendant

Firefrost Pendant

Folium Pendant

Hanging Wok Pendant

Inner Fire Pendant

Kiev Pendant

Liza Pendant

Manchon Pendant

Manette Pendant

Masque Pendant

Melrose Pendant

Melt Pendant

Meteor Frit Pendant

Mini Admiral Classic Pendant

Mini Artic Pendant

Mini Benton Pendant

Mini Bridgeport Pendant

Mini Cargo Solid Pendant

Mini Delaware Pendant

Mini Dillon Pendant

Mini Echo Pendant

Mini Halsted Pendant

Mini Hudson Pendant

Mini Larkspur Pendant

Mini Melrose Pendant

Mini Mission Pendant

Mini Mulberry Pendant

Mini Ovation Pendant

Mini Starry Night Pendant

Mini Tavern Pendant

Mini Taza Pendant

Nebbia Pendant

Niko Pendant

Oak Park Pendant

Otto Pendant

Parfum Pendant

Pelé Pendant

Peyton Pendant

Pinnacle Pendant

Piper Pendant

Playa Pendant

Projekt Pendant

Pyramid Pendant

Raindrop Pendant

Revel Pendant

River Rock Pendant Oblong Oval

River Rock Pendant Soft Round

River Rock Pendant Wedge

Sara Pendant

Savoy Pendant

Scavo Pendant

Selina Pendant

Silva Pendant

Silver Glaze Pendant

Sky Pendant

Small Nest Pendant

Soleil Pendant

Solitude Pendant

Spire Pendant

Sugar Pendant

Summit Pendant

Sydney Pendant

Tetra Pendant

Tibor Pendant

Topo Pendant

Torpedo Pendant

Van Buren Pendant

Veil Pendant

Ventana Pendant

Vorlage Pendant

Weston Pendant

Zenith Pendant

monorail Low-Voltage Heads



Bugs Functional Art


Dragonfly Functional Art




IBISS -Flood Double

IBISS -Flood Single

IBISS -Wall Wash Double

IBISS -Wall Wash Single



Metal Man Functional Art

Mini Om

















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