Sleek, minimalist design meets easy installation. For use when a longer drop is preferred.


The Low-Profile combines a sleek new design with the ability to use 4" or longer standoffs and ease of installation. First, the installer mounts and wires the upper canopy in much the same way a standard line-voltage pendant would be mounted. Second, the installer snaps the lower canopy into the upper canopy without the need for any tools. The electrical connections are made automatically due to the mating components. Finally the installer attaches the rail to the single integral power feed. The transformer bay is housed completely in the bottom canopy, so should there be any problems with the transformer at any time, only the bottom canopy would need to be removed. The upper canopy can remain in place. It’s that easy. This single-feed low-prifle surface transformer converts standard 120 line voltage to 12 volts to provide the necessary voltage for powering a MonoRail low-voltage lighting system. It can power lamps totaling up to 300 watts and features a fast acting secondary short circuit and overload protection that will safely turn the system off should a short occur. Once the short has been removed, the unit can be reset by simply flipping the wall switch off and on.

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MonoRail Low-Profile Surface Transformer-300w EL
MonoRail Low-Profile Surface Transformer-300w EL
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