The Joshua Picture light by Tech Lighting features an elegant unobtrusive arch that perfectly illuminates artwork. Though it may be unassuming in design, the Joshua Picture light is highly practical in nature providing ample light output in any display environment making it ideal for commercial and residential lighting applications alike. Further enhance the performance of the Joshua Picture light by accessorizing with the Eggcrate Louver, this simple yet powerful accessory makes for a perfect glare-free lighting experience.


Choose a lamp that will provide the proper beam spread. By changing lamps or adding a lens, you can light an area as small as four inches square or as large as four feet square! Both Joshua and Meg are available to plug in or junction box mount. Plug-in version has 10' cord with in-line switch and plug-in transformer. Each includes 12 volt 60 watt transformer, matching Lil Wok accessory, lens holder clip, and UV-protected MR16. Dimmable with a standard incandescent dimmer.


  • Elegant unobtrusive design
  • Perfect for highlighting works of art
  • Practical yet powerful lighting companion
  • Available accessories include the Eggcrate Louver
  • Ideal for residential and commercial lighting applications
  • Protected by a 1-year warranty

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Eggcrate Louver

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