Occupancy Sensor Module


To help conserve energy and anticipate the needs of ever-evolving building codes, this optional module integrates seamlessly into any GATICA system run to automatically power the system on and off based on space occupancy. Using advanced passive infrared (PIR) technology, it detects the difference between heat emitted from the human body and the surrounding space with 360° coverage up to 200 square feet. After the defined area is vacated and the adjustable time delay (30 sec. to 30 min.) has elapsed, power is cut. To provide additional energy savings, the module also features a hold-off daylighting light level feature. Once the time delay has elapsed and the system is powered off, this feature prevents power from being restored upon new occupancy if there is already sufficient ambient light available. Ambient light trigger levels are fully adjustable from 10-120 fc to accommodate even the most unique applications. May be used in combination with the Daylight Sensor Module.
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