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Product Brochures

2018 New Tech Outdoor
Exo Ceiling
Exo Dual Ceiling
Exo Pendant
Mode Dual Outdoor Path Flood
Mode Dual Outdoor Wall Ceiling
Mode Single Outdoor Path Flood
Mode Single Outdoor Wall Ceiling
Mode Split Outdoor Path Flood
Mode Split Outdoor Wall Ceiling
SoCo Pendant
Unilume LED Undercabinet
Vex Outdoor Wall

Revit Files

Aerial 40 Chandelier
Aerial 55 Chandelier
Aerial 60 Chandelier
Akova Flush Mount
Akova Pendant
Akova Wall
Banda 24 Bath
Belterra 38 Chandelier
Belterra 48 Chandelier
Bodiam 24 Suspension
Bodiam 30 Suspension
Bodiam 48 Suspension
Chara 12 Outdoor Wall
Chara 17 Outdoor Wall
Chara 26 Outdoor Wall
Grace 30 Chandelier
Grace 36 Chandelier
Joni 13 Wall
Joni 16 Wall
Joni 20 Wall
Joni Ceiling
Joni Pendant
Kenway Wall
Linger 12-Light Abstract Chandelier
Linger 12-Light Chandelier
Linger 18-Light Chandelier
Linger Wall
Linger Wall/Bath
Lody 18-Light Chandelier
Lody 20-Light Chandelier
Mara Ceiling
Mara Pendant
Mara Wall
Milley 7 Wall
Orbel 3-Light Bath
Orbel Ceiling
Orbel Pyramid Pendant
Orbel Round Pendant
Pirlo Pendant
Sana 16 Outdoor Wall
Sana 22 Outdoor Wall
Spur Ceiling
Spur Pendant
Spur Wall
Sweep Linear Chandelier
Tris 3-Light Bath
Wit Linear Suspension
Wit Pendant

IES Files

Orbel 3-Light Bath
Orbel Ceiling
Orbel Pyramid Pendant
Orbel Round Pendant
Orbel Wall
Ortex Linear Suspension
Outdoor Ash 10 Wall
Outdoor Ash 12 Wall
Outdoor Ash 16 Wall
Outdoor Ash 8 Wall
Outdoor Aspen 15 Wall
Outdoor Aspen 26 Wall
Outdoor Aspen 36 Wall
Outdoor Aspen 8 Wall
Outdoor Aspenti 14 Wall
Outdoor Aspenti 20 Wall
Outdoor Aspenti 5 Wall
Outdoor Bowman 12 Pendant
Outdoor Bowman 4 Wall
Outdoor Bowman 6 Wall
Outdoor Boxie Large LED
Outdoor Boxie Small LED
Outdoor Chara 12 Wall
Outdoor Chara 17 Wall
Outdoor Chara 26 Wall
Outdoor Cirque Large LED
Outdoor Cirque Small LED
Outdoor Cosmo 12 Wall
Outdoor Cosmo 18 Wall
Outdoor Elpha 14 Wall
Outdoor Gage 15 Wall
Outdoor Gage 20 Wall
Outdoor Gage 8 Wall
Outdoor Hunter 10 Wall
Outdoor Hunter 24 Wall
Outdoor Konial 17 Wall
Outdoor Konial 5 Wall
Outdoor Lyft 12 Wall
Outdoor Lyft 18 Wall
Outdoor Mode Single Path/Flood
Outdoor Mode Single Wall/Ceiling
Outdoor Mode Split Path/Flood
Outdoor Mode Split Wall/Ceiling
Outdoor Nate 17 Wall
Outdoor Peak Wall
Outdoor Pitch Single Wall
Outdoor Port 13 Round Wall
Outdoor Port 8 Round Wall
Outdoor Quadrate Wall
Outdoor Refuge Round Wall
Outdoor Revel Bollard
Outdoor Revel Path
Outdoor Root 15 Wall
Outdoor Roton 18 Pendant
Outdoor Sana 16 Wall
Outdoor Sana 22 Wall
Outdoor Savino 1
Outdoor Savino 2 Large
Outdoor Strut Bollard
Outdoor Syntra Bollard
Outdoor Syntra Path
Outdoor Taag 10 Wall
Outdoor Taag 6 Wall
Outdoor Tegel 12 Wall
Outdoor Tegel 18 Wall
Outdoor Turbo Bollard
Outdoor Turbo Light Column
Outdoor Turbo Path
Outdoor Turbo Wall
Outdoor Vex Wall
Outdoor Voto 6 Wall

Dimming Info

Decorative Products with 0 to 10V Compatibility
ELEMENT Dimmer Compatibility
Entra and Reflections Dimmer Compatibility
Envision LED Head
Outdoor Collection
Piper Grande Pendant
Tech 2019 Dimmer Compatibility
Unilume LED Slimline

Installation Guides

Kable Lite
Two-Circuit MonoRail
Wall MonoRail
Generating a Bill of Materials
Layout Worksheet


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